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GeoMod2008 benchmark of granular and viscous analogue materials

In order to evaluate to what extent the results of physical modelling in tectonics depend on the properties of the model materials and to allow for meaningful quantitative comparisons of model results, it is essential that the physical characteristics and the mechanical behaviour of the materials be determined in a consistent way. In connection with the GeoMod2008 meeting, a community wide survey of granular and viscous analogue materials was organised. Here we give the links to the results.

Granular material properties

The analogue material comparison investigates the properties of dry granular materials from physical modelling laboratories worldwide. In this comparison 14 laboratories participated and a total of 26 granular model materials were analysed using standard methods and apparatuses.

Open access data sets

Viscous material properties

The samples tested in this study consist of eight different polymers from seven different laboratories.

Open access data set