Final map product with Bouguer gravity anomaly data onshore and Free Air gravity anomaly data offshore, at a grid resolution of 10 x10 km in a polar stereographic projection.

An international effort to compile Circum-Arctic geophysical and bedrock data has been conducted by several national agencies (Russia, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, USA, Canada, Germany and Norway). This project produced an atlas that comprise geological and geophysical digital maps at a scale of 1: 5 million for the Arctic region limited by the 60 degree North latitude. New published and classified magnetic and gravity anomaly gridded data from each participant group were gathered and converted to a common datum and format. The magnetic anomaly compilation relies on 1 km gridded data for Canada (based on the Canadian Aeromagnetic Data Base), Alaska (based on Alaska USGS aeromagnetic database) and NW Europe (Fennoscandia compilation and the NGU NE Atlantic compilation) regions, and 5 km gridded data for oceanic and Russian regions. The grids have been merged using Hemant et al (2007) methodology and the GEOSOFT routines. The final grid resolution of this compilation is 2x2 km upward continued to 1 km. The gravity anomaly compilation includes one map of the Free Air gravity anomaly for the Circum-Arctic region and one map of combined Free Air (for oceanic area) and Bouguer (for land), both at 10x10 km grid resolution. Satellite gravity models are used for quality control on the long wavelengths of the new compilation. You can access the magnetic and gravity data compilation for the Arctic (and accompanying maps and documentation) from The maps will be printed shortly by the Commission of Geological Maps of the World



  • Carmen Gaina, Stephanie C. Werner, and the CAMP-GM group (S. Aaro (SGU), D. Damaske (BGR), R. Forsberg (DNSC), V. Glebovsky (VNIIO), K. Johnson (USGS), J. Jonberger (SGU), T. Koren (VSEGEI), J. Korhonen (GTK), T. Litvinova (VSEGEI), S. Maus (NGDC), G. Oakey, (NRCan), O. Olesen (NGU), O. Petrov (VSEGEI), M. Pilkington (NRCan), T.Rasmussen (GEUS), R. Saltus (USGS), B. Schreckenberger (BGR), and M. Smelror (NGU).


  • GRAVITY AND MAGNETIC MAPS (CAMP-GM) can be downloaded here