Palaeogeographic reconstructions have been an integral part of global tectonic research since the advent of the plate tectonic paradigm, and the display of reconstructions in sequential 'time slices' is a comprehensive method to view biogeographic, geologic and palaeogeographic information.  It is also extremely useful to understand local and regional geologic relationships as well as the fundamental driving forces of the Earth's core and mantle



GMAP run under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 but an open source Linux edition is currently being planned [more info on Plate Tectonic Modelling (PDF file)]


EasyGmap is a new and simplified ‘version’ of the GMAP software system and designed for those who do not wish to create their own reconstructions from basic data, but rather would like to apply Euler poles recommended by the authors to fit continents at a specific geological time.  EasyGmap is simply a mode of operating GMAP and advanced users can start GMAP in the normal start-up mode.   



Trond H.Torsvik