GMAP software system was originally designed between 1982-1985 at the University of Bergen. Several new versions have appeared since then and the current edition is designed to run under Windows 95/98/NT/2000 operating systems.    



Main programs

GM2001.EXE (Palaeogeographic reconstruction program)


Programs run from inside GMAP

APW.EXE (APW Path-fitting routines; spherical splines)

VELWIN.EXE (Calculates drift and rotation rates from APWP's and polarity bias; only partner edition)

GMAPHELP2001.CHM (GMAP help system)


Main data file types

*.C97   (continent outlines [*.CON in some old GMAP versions]

*.VGP  (files containing virtual geomagnetic poles; VGP)

*.SDV  (finite rotation library files)

*.FIN   (files containing finite rotation poles; Euler-poles)

*.A97   (animation files new type; replaces *.ANI files)

*.ANI   (animation files old type)

*.POL  (magnetic polarity files)