Getting Started

Select GMAP from the Program Manager and click on Start as EasyGmap.  After start-up, the simplified EasyGmap main menu is displayed.  An option in the menu may be selected through the use of the mouse and executed by clicking the mouse.  The most important options in EasyGmap are located within the EasyGmap controller:



Select reconstruction Frame (Relative-Hotspot-Palaeomagnetic).

Type a number (ages in Ma) in the AGE box, click Reconstruct and a reconstruction is displayed (Hotspot Frame is only applicable between 0-130 Ma).  100 Ma will look like this.

Adjust age range (Ma) and click > (Play) to run a movie over your defined time interval; click Stop to interrupt movie.

Set determines what continents are displayed














Other important options located at the left-hand side of the screen include:


Scale is scale/magnification centred around the zoom-centre. Click with the mouse at the desired scale value (50-2000%).

Projection allows the operator to choose projection type and projection centre.  This option is activated by clicking the left-hand side globe.

Blank - Change between Blank ON and Blank OFF.   Blank ON is default and to preserve a picture during successive loading of reconstructions (animations) this option must be set to OFF.

Colour Palette allows the operator to change the screen drawing colour for continental outlines.